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Adding a Listing

1. Click Add New:

Once in the “Listings” section, click Add New

2. Enter the Listing Street Address

Where it says “Enter the listing street address here. Be mindful that this address needs to correct to work correctly with our Google Maps API. DO NOT ENTER CITY, STATE, OR ZIP. Those will be entered later.

3. Enter the Listing information in the main text area.

This is typically the “Tom’s Poem” content.

4. Listing Information Section 01:

This section is where you will enter most of the Listing information, including Price, Sq Ft, Year Built, etc. Fill out as much information as you can.

Click through each tab to complete the listing’s information, including Slider Images, Video and Virtual Tour Links. 

Files and Documents (Floorplans)

Many properties have additional information or documents that need to be attached to the listing. The Files and Documents tab is the simples way to include this information.

When uploading documents to the “Files and Documents” section, make sure you give the document a proper title, as that title will be what shows up on the listing page:

Matterport and Virtual Tours

Click on the tab that says “Virtual Tour” and paste the full Matterport embed code or simply put the Matterport URL in the Virtual Tour (URL) field.

In order to make our Listings Map work propertly, make sure you also add the latitude and longitude for the property. Due to API updates to Google Maps, entering the latitude and longitude manually is necessary. The simplest way to do this is to look up the address on Google Maps, then right click on the location’s marker, and copy the latitude and longitude directly.

Then, enter it into the latitude and longitude section, and check off the “Skip Geocoding” option.


Listing Options: Hiding “What’s Nearby” and “Walkscore”

If you want to hide the “What’s Nearby” section that is powered by Yelp or the Walkscore, look for the “Listing Options” panel. It is usually on the sidebar on the single listing entry.

The default will display both the “What’s Nearby” and “Walkscore”.


Using the Price Postfix Text

Once a listing has been sold, you can replace the Price field with the final Sale Price. If you include the original List Price in the “Price Postfix Text”, this will be displayed as the List Price.

Using Postfix to display a Sale Price

This combination of a Price input into the Postfix area and the Price area allow for the final Sale Price to be displayed in other areas where Price is prominent.


Displays as:


5. Listing Information Section 02

This Sidebar is where you put in the rest of the basic information for the property, including Property Type, Numbers of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Status (Featured, Gone!, etc), City, State, and Zip, Community, etc. Scroll all the way down to make sure you’ve input all information.

6. Check Your Author/Agent

The “Author” listed in Listing will be recognized by the system as the “Agent” for this property. Double check that you have correct Author so that it shows up properly on that Agent’s listings.

7. Publish your new listing.

When all information is input, Press “Publish” to publish your listing.

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