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Adding a Testimonial

1. Click Add New:

Once in the “Testimonials” section, click Add New

2. Enter the Testimonial Source Into the Title Section

In the section up top that says “Add Title”, enter the testimonials source. This is usually a person.

3. Enter the testimonial’s basic meta-information.

This is the basic information in all our testimonials. Make sure you fill out these 3 sections

  1. Rating – Usually a five historically but you have the ability to do 1-5.
  2. Rating Source – This is a dropdown that includes the Testimonial sources, including Yelp, Zillow, and Facebook
  3. Community or Neighborhood – This queries the database for existing Communities/Neighborhoods in your listings. If this testimonial pertains to a certain neighborhood, enter it here, otherwise leave it blank

4. Enter the testimonial

Right below the main testimonial options is a big textarea. This is where the testimonial content is entered. Make sure to watch for copy and pasting from other sources, as you may copy styles that will affect your text.


5. Add a Featured Image

The “Featured Image” will be the image that loads when you see the testimonial in certain contexts, such as on the main Testimonials page and can also be used to be pulled into other parts of the site. Make sure to use an image that follows your current editorial standards and styles. As of the last update of these guidelines, the image is usually a landscape image of the property associated with the testimonial.


5. Press Publish

Pressing “Publish” puts your post on the Testimonials page immediately and also makes it available to be used on other parts of the site and in widgets.



5. Listing Information Section 02

This Sidebar is where you put in the rest of the basic information for the property, including Property Type, Numbers of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Status (Featured, Gone!, etc), City, State, and Zip, Community, etc. Scroll all the way down to make sure you’ve input all information.

6. Check Your Author/Agent

The “Author” listed in Listing will be recognized by the system as the “Agent” for this property. Double check that you have correct Author so that it shows up properly on that Agent’s listings.

7. Publish your new listing.

When all information is input, Press “Publish” to publish your listing.

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