Records matter.

Over two decades of sleeves-rolled experience in Washington DC Real Estate.

As a seller partnered with us, you’ll have certain advantages.

Records Matter

Faison ranks in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide for good reason. Going the extra mile to make a home view-worthy is one of our hallmarks. Whether you are an owner who is seeking to partner up and walk hand in hand through your move, or an absentee-owner wanting our team to handle all aspects of your home sale, we have a proven path to success.

Expertise Matters

The Faison team choreographs and provides a listing plan and calendar that is unique to every house. After years of experience, the Faison team knows when people buy, where they look for listings, and what turns them off and lights them up. The goal is to achieve the highest sale, with the least amount of pain, in the quickest amount of time.

Prepping to Sell Your Home for Over 25 Years

Let us increase your homes value before it hits the market.

Before hitting the market we provide

We know D.C. inside and out. Join us for an open house. Come say hello.

Connected. Community.

Meet The Team

I know most clients start out thinking of their realtor as a salesperson. I hope that by the close of our first meeting I’m able to change that perception. Substantially.

First off, I think of myself as an educator…maybe a “tutor” is more like it. I try to inform my clients about the home buying and selling process. After all, buying a house, especially 3 bedroom houses in the DC area, is 50% an emotional decision, 50% a financial decision.