Bronwyn L.

The Tom Faison team is excellent! I was house shopping remotely and had contacted a number of agents, and really gelled with Tom and Linda Frame. Linda was amazing. She spent a lot of time to get to know me and what I was looking for, which helped tailor my search. She took me on several virtual tours, and when I was finally able to visit she had her full focus on me. She helped me think through what I really wanted in a home, in terms of size, neighborhood, amenities, etc, and was able to show me a slew of options, including some that weren’t on the market yet, so I would have a good idea of what the tradeoffs were between places in my price range. I used the visit to narrow down what I wanted, and given the incredibly competitive home buying market in DC I expected that I would have to actually buy a house remotely. However, Linda recommended that I go ahead and make an offer on the house that most exemplified what I was looking for, and Tom gave detailed advice on exactly HOW to make the offer. To my shock (and great pleasure) that offer was accepted!! I really couldn’t have done it without them, and am now very happy in my new home in Capitol Hill!!

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