Samantha G.

Once we decided we were going to buy in D.C., we started our search via Zillow and attending quite a few open houses. After several weekends of honing in on what we thought we wanted and meeting several folks hoping to do the same, we found Linda. One cold, wintery day – we walked into an open house and met the real estate agent showing the home. As we walked throughout the house, we realized that it wasn’t the home that was standing out to us – it was the warm, friendly atmosphere that Linda created. One week later, we were sitting having coffee with Linda and she spent the next two hours learning about who we were, why we were moving, and what we wanted. It was beyond what we would have expected of any real estate agent and clearly Linda cared about making sure we found the perfect home for us. Over the course of the next few weeks, we went and saw several homes with Linda and each day was wonderful. She has quite a knack at being both informative as well as making the experience enjoyable! At one point, we were considering putting an offer on a new construction and Tom Faison came out to the home and walked through with all of us as well. It was outstanding to see them working as a team and truly making sure we were considering all the pros and cons of what the home offered. As luck would have it, we decided to swing by a nearby home that we had previously visited on the way back to our apartment, and all the pros/cons discussions between Linda and Tom helped us realized that the one down the road was the home we really desired. Linda agreed and quickly got to work getting a contractor she trusted to show us what it would take to make the changes we would want. We loved the ideas and knew we wanted to move forward. Our decision landed on Christmas Eve and Linda didn’t bat an eye at spending several hours to work up an offer that made us competitive. Our offer got accepted and we closed in late January with the lender recommended by Linda and Tom given he not only presented the best rate, but also made sure to walk line-by-line through any figures and questions we had. We’ve been in the house for a few weeks now and couldn’t be happier! Linda and Tom are one-of-a-kind professionals who we would recommend to anyone. Their level of expertise, their obvious care about their clients, and the connections they have in nearly every aspect of the real estate home buying process was crucial in making what was a large undertaking one we felt ready to concur.

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